Men, Hormines

After all the randomness posts, let’s put some serious post here – post that matters to you, to me, and that mister over there *points*. Okay, I’m just kidding, is not THAT serious or it matters to others, really.

In this post, I’ll just voice out my very own perception regarding males in general. Mind it, I’m not in any way, trying to find my ways to criticise males nor I got something against them so please, put away your chain mace. Additionally, do note that everything typed below is purelymy own views and it is by no means, proven by experts or any you-name-it-here.

Alright, first of all, I’ll honestly state that I pity males in a sense – not looking down on them, if you get the wrong meaning here. What I’m trying to say is, it seems that they are always born with certain expectation, not only from their family, but the society or even, their very own country and partners.

Think of it this way, I believe whenever a couple gave birth to a boy, they’ll have tiny hopes for their son to be a doctor / lawyer / engineer in the future. Try compare this to a girl, chances are (not definitely), they’ll just wish their daughter to marry a good man and have a good life.

As for schools or the societies, putting the genders inequalities away (mostly Asian countries), girls would most likely got an easy way out when it comes to workloads and treatments. Lecturers (And maybe employers) would be much more linear on girls, comparing to a boy. At times, people would expect males to perform better than the females, be it in education studies or even in work life.

Now in terms of personal life, it is never surprising if people (especially the family and social circles) expect males to be both physically and mentally stronger than females. Also, it does seems that crying is a huge taboo among males, highly affecting their pride and image.

And worst of all, the society *can* accept lesbian much more than gays, at least in terms of responds when it comes to conversations or even public notion. Chances are, people / family members would accept a female to be homosexual and not males.

In fact, the list can go on and never ending. Now the huge question is, what makes male to suffer from this kind of miserable life? At the end of the day, they’re still human beings, like no others. They do have their weaker times and the needs of relying on others, even on a female for a simple comfort. Of course, they would wish for an equal treatment in the society too.

What am trying to say is, being a male does not mean they have to be strong all the time and they have their very own feelings. If given the choice, males would probably want to be able to have the same privilege which females are having now – to be able to be dependant on other without getting much criticism. After all, I always believed that, no matter how old a male is, there would always be this small kiddo who he hides deep within himself, wishing to be spoiled and protected.

Now, after typing these, I really hope no one would wait outside my house gate with a Gatling gun or have something against me. Again, I’m just voicing out myself and I never intend to hurt anyone in this post. I truly apologise if I offended anyone in the process.


2 responses

  1. Actually I think this is quite true~ but for me I wouldn’t want my boyfriend to be weaker than me as I’m already weak ><~~ I guess that's why there's something call yin and yang. Weak and the strong to complement each other. Even the weak can help the strong in different ways. This is life, so things aren't fair, and what we can do is to face the challenge~

  2. Vynchy, look out your window, I has a Gatling Gun for juuuu lol jk Everything there is true, but more so in Asian countries. Something my dad told me when I was growing up, “I would love to see you go to school and be something better than me, but if you don’t want to that is fine – the world needs ditch diggers, too.” I think it is a bit more accepting in Western culture to just do what you feel like. But there is indeed a lot a pride among males in Western culture. Crying is almost taboo as you said, but there are “acceptable” times to cry. I had never, ever seen my dad cry until i was 13 years old and my sister was diagnosed with Leukemia. That was an acceptable time. I can’t recall crying until I was 18 when my dog died – I was VERY attached to this dog, was literally my best friend for 10 years. And then 3 days later my cat died. But you are right, there is a lot of expectations on the boys of a family. The father wants them to be better than himself and will push to see that happen. From what I’ve seen, the better men are those that don’t push.

    *puts mace away* ok, you are safe. xD

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