List of Free Sims Store Items

Oki doki, since the one in SnootySims are not well updated, I shall post the present one that I found in a Japanese website. I hope it helps. =)


Adrenaline Rush
Carnivale Celebration!
Earth Day
ECO Pack
EV Pack
Explorer’s Loot – Requires World Adventure
Eye of the Bolder ‘10
Fiesta Urban Streetscape
Ford Focus Neon Nights
Halloween Treats
Happy Holiday Presents
Happy Holiday Presents (+ Montalcino Fandango SE) [Hidden]
Happy New Year ’11
Harvest Bounty
In the Dawn of Sims
JCP Teen Outfits
Kalliopi’s Gifts
Let there be Sims!
More Halloween Treats
More Holiday Presents
Speedy Styles
The Red Carpet Collection – Requires Late Night
The Sims 3 Generations Registration Gifts – Requires Generations
The Sims Strike Back
The Ultimate Career Bundle – Requires Ambitions
Weba Yayhoo!

Home Décor
Annie’s Well-Organized Shelf [Hidden]
Byron Desk [Hidden]
Cellar Arch
Desktop Lord Sponge
Fanta(R) Fridge
Generation Clock [Hidden]
Honeycomb Bookshelf [Hidden]
Lord Sponge’s Computer
Mega Lord Sponge
Modern HDTV by Webbsta Industries
Not-A-Street Floor Lamp
Paris Wall Clock [Hidden]
Perfecto Presto! [Shop Mode]
The Desert’s End
The Sleeker-Sleeper
Tomb Sled Sleeper

Deco Tank [Hidden]
Fanta(R) T-Shirt
Fiona [Shop Mode]
Lord Sponge Graphic Tee Female
Lord Sponge Graphic Tee Male
Lucky Duckie
Lucky Duckie Jr. Female [Shop Mode]
Lucky Duckie Jr. Male [Shop Mode]

Just in Jest Hat Female
Just in Jest Hat Male
New Years Hat for Her
New Years Hat for Him


3 responses

  1. Thank you so much!!

    1. You’re welcome. 🙂

  2. First and foremost, cheers for putting this together, great list 😀

    If you’re still keeping this updated, the Lord Sponge items can’t be found in the store, and neither can the Fanta ones.

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