Significance of Promises

Now that’s something rare, for me to have more than 3 posts in a month. Still, putting this meaningless comment aside, we should have a look at a more serious topic, Promises. Of course, it’s just some random babbling words that came through my mind few minutes ago and I thought it will be nice to share it.

Do anyone of you remember the times when we’re young, around 5-10, we would never fail to make more and more promises with our friends without much considerations, so much that we could probably knit a curtain out of it. And yet, as time passes by, we stopped making them, or worst, giving empty promises.

How much does a promise signifies? As little as one could easily put it as a carefree joke, or something much more dearly of which we should hold into our graves regarding all consequences? If the answer varies on the type of promises, then may I ask, how do you judge the importance of each promises?

Even for adults, we would easily give out words to engulf our partners with our longevous sincere love along with numerous of assuring promises. At the end of the day, how many of those held on to it’s significance, and how many of those really make it out alive? This goes the same with friendships and many other relationships.

When one made a promise, how do you decide if he/she broke it in the future? Do the promise still be taken effect, despite the closeness of both parties deteriorated? Or promise should be treated with no differences like the wind, come and go as pleased?

Does it even saddens anyone, to know that ‘promise’ does seem to be weakened into a fragile word? Or am I the only one who thinks that way?

Well well, it seems I’ve typed a lot here. I hope some of my words did play as a food for thought. Let’s end it with a mini song, shall we?

うそ ついたら
針 千本 飲ます

Let’s make a pinky promise
And if you tell a lie
I’ll make you swallow 1000 needles
It’s a promise!


2 responses

  1. I always believe a human cannot keep promises if he or she:
    a) was forced to give it under duress.
    b) simply did not know the concept of honor.

  2. […] hera posts some thoughts that are interesting to contemplate, go check it out. While you’re at it, there’s the Prince Arthur Herald that might be worth looking into, if you’re a student-newspaper fan. […]

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