Arrival of Hera’s Dream Doll <3

Didn’t meant to make Burogu personal but it is a random haven so I suppose it is not against to rules for me to post whichever I want at times. *Hides under the blanket*

Backing to the current topic, it’s once again a box opening post! As usual, if you dislike BJD / dolls, please refrain from clicking to read more. Else, feel free to share my joy of receiving my dream doll – Dream of Doll’s DoT Code No.02 ^-^~

So, the box has arrived~ Shiny cover as usual except for the red wordings as if my memory didn’t fail me, DoC ones are in purple. As a side note, please ignore both legs of Mr Pain and I..

Here are the clothes, wigs and extra hands.

Somehow, it seems the other children are very curious about it..
Yul: Can you at least release me from these ridiculous bubble wrappers?!
Mr Pain: He looks like he is in the hospital hahah!

Yul: Hm, finally huh?
Hera: Sorry >_

Now let me take a closer view..

Seriously, I’m surprised. You come with a beautiful pair of eyes, sir!

After 30 minutes of struggle in putting the clothes on..

That’s all for now, since the other clothes and shoes are not here yet~

Also, thank you Mr Pain, for accompanying me to collect the parcel from the evil postmen and helping me on the box opening process.

Thanks for viewing!


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