Sims 3 List of Custom Mods and Items

I’m sure there are a lot of Sims 3 players out there and obviously, most of them do enjoy adding custom content to enhance their game play satisfaction. So, for those who are having trouble on searching good places to obtain nifty stuffs (Especially long term ones) for your game, this post might be for you.

Obviously, by deciding to download and apply the custom content, I will assume you know what you’re doing and that includes:

  • Proper way of installing custom content (Be it .sim3pack or .package)
  • Getting customs that are compatible with your current game version / expansion
  • Knowing how to find buggy contents to uninstall whenever necessary

If you have trouble on performing any of the actions above, my best advice would be reading the manual carefully (if any), or this. For the worst cases, you may want to try your luck with the all-so-reliable Google, or restraining yourself on getting the particular custom content.

Just so you know, installing custom content is not hard at all and all the suggestions above are plainly for your game’s safety. After all, if something goes wrong, it might go wrong very very badly.

Alright, enough of the nags and here are the lovely links you’re digging.

NRass Industries
Story mod, advance Sim controller, custom career and school, fix and debug bugs, custom tuning and etc.
Strongly suggest:

  • Story Progression and it’s expansion modules
  • Master Controller
  • Careers and it’s expansion modules
  • Overwatch

Story mod, advance Sim controller, smarter Sim, increase CAS facial slider, and many awesome features along with custom tunings. Doesn’t conflict with NRaas.
Warning: It’s a core mod so don’t install other core mod if you got this.

Armoire of Invincibility

Rule of 6, No Green hair and FPS Limiter to prevent graphic card burning [3booter thread]

Mod The Sims
The everyone-must-know website. Houses, mods, tuning, furnitures, build tools, sims and etc, just find it here!

Pretty much my all time favourite blog. Contains various make up like blush, eyeliner, contact lens and more. You can also find skin, accessories, uniforms and cheongsam there.

Hera’s almighty secret stash. Contains MOST items sold in the paysites such as TSR, Peggy, Newsea etc by sharing it FREE, includes hair, hair, hair and hair.

China forum for various contents. More notable for their Sim characters, skin, make up and pose player animation.
Warning: Most thread are image heavy, not suitable for slow internet users. Also, it’s all in Chinese. You’ll also need to register in the forum.


Pioneer lipsticks and contact lenses. No longer updated so if link fails, you best bet is this by downloading here.

Hair, accessories, clothes and random stuff like floating bunny and butterfly wings etc.
Warning: Bad polygon counts, reduce the amount of downloads from here.

With these links, it can probably last a lifetime with their constant updates and fixes. As a final note, here are some advice for those who have limited PC resources or even, attempting to avoid slow down in Sims 3:

  • Only download the ones that you REALLY like and used often in the game.
  • Reduce high polygon counts items. Notable items are Rosesim, Peggy, Newsea’s hair.
  • For houses, TRY to choose the ones without / with minimal custom content. This will also reduce the VERY notorious blue lot error.
  • When downloading, prefer .sim3pack over .package.
  • If VERY experienced, compile all the .packages into a single file.

And oh, most importantly, please make copies of your valuable save file at all times. Enjoy! ^-^


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