Judging a Book by it’s Cover

Found something interesting and I thought I should share it. Since the source is in Chinese, I decided to translate it into English. It is a very short story about a boy pushing the girl to the sharks in the sea (Nothing gore, trust me).

I tried to remain the exact meaning of the words in the original work so some of the sentences may sound awkward. However, I can assure that the translated work is absolutely readable. Enjoy~

There was a young couple where the boy was a timid and whenever something new came up, he would let his girl friend try it before him. Due to this, the girl was upset all along.

One day, when both of them went out to the sea for a date, a typhoon came and destroyed their boat. Fortunately, the girl managed to grab onto a floating wood on time and rescued both of their lives.

“Are you afraid?,” the girl asked the boy.

“Yes, I am but if there are any sharks, I would use this on them,” the boy took out a fruit knife from his pocket.

“Silly..” the girl smiled in a mournful manner, while shaking her head slightly.

Not long after, a cargo ship found them. As the young couple rejoice on their luck, a swarm of sharks appeared.

“Don’t worry! We just need to swim faster to the ship, it’ll be fine!,” the girl cried.

In contrast, the boy pushed the girl into the sea and held the wood to swam to the cargo ship alone.

“This time, let me first!,” the boy shouted.

At the very moment, the girl was stunned at the boy’s action. Losing her very hope, she saw the boy swam away from her without hesitating.

Although the sharks approached the young couple, none of them are interested at the girl. Instead, they chased the boy.

When the boy was being lacerated by the sharks, he screamed his lungs out towards the girl’s direction.

“I love you!”

Finally, the girl was rescued. As the sailors mourned on board, the captain approached the girl and said, “He was the bravest man I’ve ever seen in my life, let us mourn for him!”.

“No, he was a coward,” the girl threw her words out coldly.

“Why did you say that? Just now, I managed to found you two with a telescope. Clearly with my eyes, after I saw him pushed you away, he used a knife to cut his wrist. Sharks are very sensitive to blood, if he didn’t do that, you probably won’t be here any more,” the captain explained.

In an instant, the girl felt a gush of tears dribbling down her cheeks.

“You.. why….” the girl looked away to the sea as the sea breeze engulfed her body.

In real life, bad guys and nice guys can never be judged by it’s cover. Usually, those who would quietly work the girl’s back to treat her well without asking anything in return are the good ones. Ironically, average females would always judge a matter within the surface and miss out their very own happiness without realising.

At the end, you may like this song too.


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