Age of Wulin Life Skill Guide

For martial art MMO lovers, I believe you guys have heard of the upcoming MMORPG Age of Wulin. As far from what I’ve read, there will be no level system but skill mastery. Obviously, there are no class system too, only sect system (I’ll explain it in the next post). In addition, players are given the chance to obtain life skills, which is also what I will go into details today.

However, please do understand that there are currently no official English names or description over it so the translation can be slightly rough as the original terms are purely Chinese.

For now, there are 17 life skills to be chosen from. They are being categorised into 4 types:
Gather – Miner, Hunter, Herbalist, Farmer, Fisher
Craft – Weaver, Chef, Poison Maker, Goldsmith, Blacksmith, Alchemist
**Leisure – Zither (Gu Qin), Chess, Literature, Art
Character – Oracle (卦), Begger

**This is considered as Sub Class
Note: Goldsmith crafts accessories while Blacksmith are in charge of weapon making.

Please take note that players are restricted to learn a limited number of life skills. With the exception of Gather (Enable to learn all), you’ll only be able to choose 1 skill to learn for each type.

If you choose to be a Weaver, you can’t be a Goldsmith. You’ll still be able to choose 1 skill from Leisure, 1 from Character, and of course, all from Gather.

Showing slight similarities to FFXIV Online, each Gather skills are related to certain Craft skills (List not finalised):
Miner ⇄ Goldsmith, Blacksmith
Hunter ⇄ Weaver, Chef, Alchemist
Botanist ⇄ Poison Maker, Alchemist, Blacksmith
Farmer ⇄ Weaver, Chef
Fisher ⇄ Chef

Now to explain the craft skills [Info taken from a China CBT player].

At early stage, Chef will be very popular because food that fills Hunger Bar (Energy, consumed when levelling life skills) will be sold in lightning speed. In addition, Chef will be able to cook food that gives up buff and at later stage, polish knife ability (Activate weapon hidden stats) are believed to be very useful.

Poison Maker
Poison Maker will be able to apply poison to weapons, giving minor debuff chances to enemy such as stun and slow. However, there is a limit on the times allowed for a Poison Maker to apply poison to a weapon (Around 30?). Also, it is noted that the debuff chance are not high. Still, it is possible for a Poison Maker to enhance stat of a gear (If it is written on the equipment description).

Like in typical MMORPGs, Alchemist can craft recovery and buff potions. From the recipes description, it seems the potions will be a great aid on later stage.

Weaver are able to make various of clothes and package bag(?). As for recipes, other than buying basic ones from NPCs, you’ll need to rely on Random Reward System(奇遇), mob grinding and dungeons. Weaver will also be able to activate equipment stats (Non-activated equipments will only consist of def).

Another common craft. Blacksmith will be able to craft weapons. In addition, it’ll be able to perform quenching on weapons. It is said that quenching will enhance weapon stats but it is not confirmed yet.

Similar to Weaver, but this is based on accessories crafting. It is also able to activate accessory stats.

Zitherist (琴师)
Although it is not released during the CBT period, but the recipe looted from Random Rewards describes that it adds all stats of the team mates by 7 and critical rate by 5%. It seems that Zitherist will be very helpful at late stage.

Important Notes
When going into game, you’ll realise Daily Energy are very limited and it’ll only restore slowly after 00:00am. So, it is difficult for a player to consider levelling a lot of life skills. In fact, it is considered as impossible for you to be able to level up 3 or more Life Skills at the same time because it’ll be a burden and you’ll end up to be a Jack of all trades but a master of none.

If you do wish to specialist in a Life Skill, all given Energy should only be used on 1 skill. Of course, this is where mule or team work comes in. You’ll need friends / guild mates to share the burden (Some gather materials while some in other crafts).

As a final note, please do realise that Age of Wulin prioritise players on Life Skill and not just purely monster grinding. With the implementation of Off-line System in the game, it is highly likely that your chosen Life Skill will affect the character AI in game when you’re away in game. In the official website, it is said that it is possible to earn money in game IF your character happens to be a seller / business (wo)man during off-line period.


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