Personal Experiences on Blade & Soul

That’s right, Hera checked out Blade & Soul! In truth, that’s not some new news if you’re my friends (Who obviously got my Facebook address). As usual, I will skip off my opening (Which I’m bad in) and go straight to the post topic.

Still, I need to remind all of you that I don’t have any fancy gaming rig and thus, I’m not playing the game in max graphic settings. Please bear with the screenshots if they’re not as detailed as the trailers or screen shots you find in other websites. Believe me, the game is beautiful, and it’ll be even better if you got a better computer than mine. (Personally, I’m pretty much satisfied for just being able to feel the game D:).

If you do keep track of the official news on Blade and Soul, you probably are well informed on the fact that the quest in the game will not consist of purely “kill x-number of y monster in z map” but ranged from really easy task to group instances on bosses. How easy can the quest be? Well, as shown in the screen shot above, that quest will only need you to carry a single crate from the house to the shore (Which is around 25m distances? Lol). Another notable one will be the 2nd or 3rd quest in the newbie town where you need to carry some wooden logs to the stove as fuel.

Talking about newbie town, I would agree that it is pretty small but well detailed. Also, you won’t be seeing any player in the town as it is an instance (Didn’t test with PMs though). In here, you’ll be able to learn the basic way on speed rushing, gliding (Aion!) and attacking (You’ll be given some Tekken Mokujin to use skills on). If you’re a first timer, I’ll really suggest you to watch ALL the cut scenes because they are not just some random compiled crap thrown into the game but a precisely written storyline mixed with awesome effects. To be honest, it won’t be a problem if NcSoft decides to turn BnS storyline into an action movie LOL!

From what I experienced, BnS is a quest game (At least in early levels) and it won’t make you run around too much like an idiot in Aika. The quests in an area are well stacked and near, in fact, you can easily complete 2-4 quest in the same location by just finding the intersected circles on the map (The quest will show you the mob location in the map by using a huge red circle).

You can travel around BnS map in a variety of ways: Running, speed rushing, gliding (Good for really deep instances), swimming, running on the water and teleporting with an amulet (Easily obtainable from quests). For people who wish to try / practice all of them, I would suggest the sea shore since is wide enough with passive mob. Also, it is possible to glide without jumping from a tall structure / hill by speed rushing on a flat ground (Press W twice) for 3-5 seconds, then press space bar twice. This is very efficient if you wish to reduce the consumption of Qi.

Although you’ll only be given 10 orbs to spam skills on as a Force Master (Not sure how the Stamina bar works in Destroyer), it is still possible to use skills constantly if you mix normal attacks and skills during the combo period. For Force Master, you’ll be able to learn that air grabbing skill along with the knockback and slam enemy down skill at level 5/6. Unlike Blade Master, you’ll not be able to block the attack but you’ll rarely be hit by the monster anyway since normal attack range is 16m and you’ll be given ice root skill since the start. One trick is, just normal attack 5 times, freeze the mob and do shockwave. With that, your shockwave damage will be increased by 10 times and pretty much instant kill a monster at the start.

Not sure how it works in Open Beta and higher levels but at the start, you’ll be getting your gears through quest (That Munak costume is winnnn!). Do take note that not all gears are obtained through campaign, for example, the Munak costume was obtained through a side quest at the graveyard area. Talking about Munak… I just love how short and cute they are, especially when you’re carrying their dead bodies to burn as a Lyn lol.

Alright, I think I typed enough for now. In short, BnS is a good game and it does meet the players’ expectation from the trailers. Still, I would comment that the gameplay is slightly slow at the start (Probably due to the lack of proper gears and skills). Not forgetting, you CAN’T skip the newbie town, and be forced to go through all over again when you create a new character. Till then, see you.


4 responses

  1. Hi there Hera, I’m looking forward to play Blade and Soul.
    Can I ask u a question? Is Blade and Soul a FTP game or PTP game?
    I’ve heard that Blade and Soul will be PTP, is this correct? I only want to confirm xD

    1. NcSoft game is 90% p2p aka pay to play.

      1. Hi hera im not a korean but still i play this game with a headache.can you help me about my quest im stuck in quest maybe its lvl 4 .when i talked to an old woman i dont exactly what shes trying to say. I think its a map quest haha anyway the rewards are a mail and a 2bowl soup.pleasehelp me thanks

      2. Uh, I don’t remember really. Uninstalled the game long ago so yea, sorry about that =/

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