Guilty Crown Euterpe Full Version Download

Again, not something new since it was released since 28th November this year. I’m not sure how many people are still figuring where to download the awesome insert song of Guilty Crown (The opening song in Episode 1), so I thought it’ll be nice for me to share (Sharing is caring after all). I’ve also added a high quality scan of Guilty Crown (1920×1080) so anyone that likes it may turn it into a wallpaper.

Click to enlarge.

Enough for now, here you go~!

Oh the wild flowers that bloomed
Ah, please tell me
Why do people fight
Hurting one another?

Oh the flower blooming nobly
What can you see from there?
Why can’t people
forgive one another?

The rain passed and summer
turned bluish
as one
You trembled faintly
in front of me
Without saying a thing

To my withering friend
What are you thinking about?
How do you convey love
with those speechless leaves?

The summer sun clouded over
and the wind streamed
as they happen together
For the nameless ones
I’ll sing the proof
of that they lived

Download Link (Copy it):

3 responses

  1. Great music, thanks

  2. windwhishpermber | Reply

    weeeeeeh thanks so much i’ve been looking everywhere for thiiiiiiiis

  3. Thanks for the music and wallpaper.
    But, the wallpaper is not 1920×1080. It is 1024×576. Could you upload the 1920×1080 version,please?

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