Everything You Wanted To Know About Guys But Afraid To Ask

Since the 45 things about woman is VERY popular, I decided to dive into a slightly similar topic for the girls instead – Everything you wanted to know about guys but afraid to ask. Men are enigmatic creatures. What’s with those erections in morning? What does he like best in bed? And does he really think about sex all the time? Here are the answers to the questions you’ve been too polite to ask him straight from the source…

Either way, all credits goes to the author of iVillage!

What’s His Favorite Position? Why?
Doggy style is man’s best friend. Studies and polls verify what animals have known for millions of years: Men absolutely love getting it on from behind, and the ladies love it, too. “It’s a winner for everybody,” says Susan Crain Bakos, sexologist and author of The Sex Bible. The position gives guys great control and deep penetration — all the better to reach your all-important G-spot.

How confident are guys about their penis size?
When it comes to how big we are, your guess is better than ours. “A great majority of men think they’re smaller than they really are,” says renowned psychologist and sexologist, Dr. Edward Fernandes. Men are naturally insecure about it. But if you’re in the bedroom and feel compelled to comment, the only acceptable adjectives are “big” and “biggest.”

Why do men masturbate so much?
All men masturbate — the ones who say they don’t are lying. As much as roll your eyes at us, there are no health hazards for masturbating too much. However, too much self-love might make it harder for a guy to reach orgasm with a sexual partner if he becomes too accustomed to doing it all by himself.

Is anal play growing among men?
Your guy might consider anal play a taboo, however, many straight men are realizing that prostate stimulation leads to mind-numbing, toe-curling orgasms. But what’s with the craze? “There’s just more information out there now,” says Bakos. But remember: Ask before you barge in.

Do men really think about sex all the time?
Women love throwing the whole “Men think about sex every seven seconds” in guys’ faces, but is that actually true? Not exactly. A study by the National Health and Social Life Survey said 54 percent of men think about sex every day or several times a day (compared to 19 percent of women). However, in a recent study by the Kinsey Institute of 1,009 heterosexual middle-aged and older couples in long-term (average 25 years) relationships, women are the ones who value sex the most in a relationship, while men want more cuddling, aww.

Are there other reasons why guys have erections?
Not really, our sexperts say. And that, quite simply, means someone or something around us is turning us on. Unless, of course, we’re asleep, which brings us to…

Erections in the morning? what’s that about?
Most men wake up every day with a fully erect penis. “It’s a healthy thing for a man to wake up hard,” says Bakos. It shows that men are producing healthy amounts of testosterone. “Men produce more testosterone in the morning,” says Fernandes, “while girls produce more testosterone at night.” Which might explain why we have that bad habit of rolling over and going to sleep after sex, right when you’re gearing up for round two.

What do guys prefer: handjobs, blowjobs, or penetration?
Nothing personal — but in regards to the handjob, there’s not a girl in the world that can manually satisfy a guy better than he can satisfy himself. Not one. And sure, there are cases where a great blowjob might be more pleasurable to a guy than a so-so romp between the sheets. But until further notice, heed these words: Intercourse is better. Than everything.

What is whiskey dick? what is physiologically happening?
You go out to the bar with your man, come home, start to get frisky and… nothing. It’s called Temporary Alcohol Impotence, and it affects men and women alike. “It deadens nerve endings and slows down responses,” Bakos says of alcohol. “It makes it difficult for men and women to come.” There’s a “sweet spot” where guys can maintain an erection, but can’t ejaculate, which can lead to hours of drunken (read: sloppy) sex. But alcohol also impairs impulses between the brain and the genitals, and if he goes over the edge, he won’t be getting back up for a while.

Do guys like getting their nipples licked?
A lot of guys will say that they don’t, but it turns out men’s nipples aren’t too much different than women’s. Like women, men have erectile tissue and nerve endings on their nipples, and well-placed lips or a tongue on a man’s nipples can be very pleasurable. But guy’s nipples are also more sensitive to pain. You might like being pinched or even nibbled, but when fooling around with your man, be gentle.

What’s the average penis size in men?
Ah, the million dollar question! “The average size for a penis is 5.5-6.2 inches erect, and 4.7-5.2 inches around,” according to Fernandes. About 2/3 of all men fall within that range. “I would say 6 inches is a good-sized penis,” agrees Bakos

Why are testicles so elastic?
Testicles are a teeny tiny sperm nursery, hanging there between our legs. They help keep the sperm at the perfect temperature even though our body temperature (as well as the surrounding temperature) fluctuates. That’s why our testicles hang low when the weather’s warm — and, yup, get shriveled and snug against our bodies when it’s cold.

Do men sweat more than women?
Ever wonder why after sex, your guy looks like he just ran a marathon, when you barely broke a sweat? Women actually have more sweat glands than men, but they produce less sweat. Fernandes explains: “Women tend to have a higher skin temperature than men.“ So, when women are overheated, their bodies don’t have to produce as much sweat to cool back down to a normal temperature.

What causes blue balls?
Have you ever teased a guy, only to stop and leave him on the floor, clutching his balls, tears in his eyes? He’s just been afflicted with blue balls, and it’s probably the worst feeling in the world. When a man is really aroused, blood rushes to the penis and testicles, valves in blood vessels close and lock, maintaining the erection and engorging the testicles with blood (it’s called vasocongestion), and yes, the boys turn blue. When pressure builds, the only way to relieve it is through climax.

Circumcised? or uncircumcised?
This probably isn’t a surprise, but you can have great sex with both circumcised and uncircumcised men. What may, be a surprise, though, is that you’ve probably experienced both kinds and not even known it. Circumcision is popular in North America, but between 70 to 80 percent of men worldwide never go under the knife. When fully erect, the foreskin retracts along the shaft, and the two penises are indistinguishable.

What are some things men always want to do in bed, but never ask?
Ever wonder if we would have sex with your best friend? Short answer — we might. But hear us out before you dump us. “It’s called the Conquistador Syndrome,” says Fernandes. “Traditionally, men’s fantasies tend to revolve around one man with multiple women.” Men also fantasize about sex in public places, or being watched. “In men’s fantasies, they’re the ones doing, they’re the center of attention,” Fernandes says. Don’t want to share your guy? Other popular fantasies include bondage, orgies, watching their partners in the act and anal sex (among American men, specifically).

Is there a difference between orgasm and ejaculation?
Is it possible for guys to have sex all night without needing the half hour of downtime after every orgasm? Put simply: yes, but. “Some men train themselves to orgasm without ejaculating,” Bakos explains. “But it’s very difficult, and some men won’t ever be able to do it.” An orgasm is an involuntary muscle contraction, a reflex reaction, while ejaculation is the release of sperm. So, how can a guy stay strong for hours and hours of sex? Masturbation, of course. “It’s possible for men to masturbate until you build to climax, and then hold it until the sensation subsides. After doing this for awhile, men can experience orgasm without coming,” says Bakos.

How long can a guy stay hard before it’s uncomfortable?
Blood gathers in the testicles during sex, so if ejaculation doesn’t occur, it hurts. (See our note on blue balls.) In the rarest of cases (or when medication is involved) erections can last up to four (most likely painful) hours. There are a number of folk remedies for this pain, like taking a cold shower or thinking of baseball. But if this happens, help the poor guy out. The best treatment is, obviously, getting a little sweet relief.

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