Extremely Early 21st Birthday Surprise

This happened 2 days ago and I thought I should just share it here for those who wish to have a proper review regarding Prime, the restaurant in Le Meridien Hotel. As stated in the title, this was also a surprise gift my beloved gave to me (I thought it was going to be a typical lunch for the day despite knowing the avenue).

We got ourselves a full course meal and it started with some complimentary bread with 3 sauces to choose from:

The starter we ordered includes the Lobster Bisque:

And Seared Sea Scallops:

As for main course, my beloved got himself a plate of Australian 200 days grain fed centre-cut fillet mignon.

While he ordered Master Kobe Sirloin for me:

Before the dessert was served to us, the waitresses surprised me by singing a birthday song while holding a cake walking towards me. At first, I was stunned as it wasn’t my birthday and I thought they was serving to the wrong table but I just smiled awkwardly because I got no idea how to react at all. Either way, this was the ‘cake’ they prepared:

Obviously, that light blue box was the birthday gift my beloved gave to me. Here is what it is:

Now, as for my personal view about this restaurant, I would say this is a good place to propose to your partner but I would suggest it to be at night as during peak lunch hour, there are too many business man / woman around. The table arrangement in the restaurant allows them to easily accommodate a variety of customers coming in random number (2 – 6 would be best though 8 would still be okay imo). For desserts, you would need to request them for the menu as it is in a separate book. Of course, for casual lunch, you could always go for the fast 2 course set lunch with moderate pricing.

In short, I like this restaurant a lot and I’m very satisfied with the taste. Most importantly, thank you Nic <3!


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