Ashura’s Homecoming

Ah, after 9 weeks of wait, my first limited edition BJD (DoD DoT Mr p1) has arrived at my house. Ironically, I got no idea it was Sunday or Monday as I was away to Singapore. Anyway, enough saying and here we go on the box opening!

The box arrived with traces of being opened. As I examined it, I realized the notorious custom of my country has opened it when the parcel arrived at the immigration. Either way, it was still great to see they did repackage it decently but I got no idea if there are smokes in their building etc (Sigh).

The silver DoD box that I loved so much took me quite some time to move it out from the cupboard box as the custom’s tape was stuck in between of the two boxes, resulting some slight paper tear scratch at the bottom (I tried to preserve the DoD box as I planned to store some of my items in it later on).

Now for a bunch of clothes that I bought to hit the 650usd quota for the winter event freebies. Notice the mummy bubble wrap at the corner right with abnormal brown tape, it means the custom opened it to check too (Normal DoD packaging will never have brown tape lol).

So, the iconic injured man finally appeared to the screen! (Ashura: I prefer you open the ‘bandages’ to let me breathe some fresh air instead.)

A better close up to see the default eyes given by DoD. To be honest, it looked not bad comparing to my previous DoDs and other acrylic eyes.

Now the signature tatoo of Ashura! The numbers signifies his tragic past.

More face close up without the plastic wrap to show the awesome face up by DoD. I’m glad that DoD accepted my request on changing Ashura’s lip to T. Kaillar’s as the default one was too dark in my opinion. The combination wasn’t bad after all~

Alright, this might disappoint some of you as I’m not gonna show Ashura with his default wig and clothes as the wig was slightly too small for him (Making it awkward) and my camera didn’t do much justice on the clothes either. What I can do is comment that the wig IS NOT black like the official pictures, is dark royal grey (Refer Leekeworld wigs).

Before I end this post, these two photos show Ashura with his completed wig, eyes and clothes:

I hope you enjoyed the post as much as I do! Thanks for viewing.


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