Returning to Aion

Those who keep themselves updated in MMORPG news would know that Aion Online has changed their modal to free to play. Thanks to the desperate cravings I got for MMO, I decided to return to Aion and give it a 2nd chance. Instead of the US version I played last time, I decided to have my home built in the EU server, in which it turns out to be the right choice since US cash shop is no where near balance in my honest opinion.

Aion did changed a lot since I left, especially drop rate wise. Long long time ago, it’ll take you ages to have a gold equipment drop from a monster, and when it did, the whole server will be announced with your name in it and people will mass whisper you on their congratulation. Now, having full gold as your equipment is just as common as ever. Obviously, this changes have also affected the difficulty in leveling in the game. Players are now way better geared compare to last time and they tuned the exp obtained from campaign and quest tremendously by 3-4 times. Some campaign would easily award you 5-15 million exp. Sometimes, even a random talking quest can fetch you 1m exp in no time.

Since I went to Aion with my love and two old friends, it was pretty much a new start. I got to know a lot of new friends. There are dramas as usual but it was not a big deal compared to what I experienced in Aika SEA and Granado Espada. Among all the new friends, I do felt grateful to be able to know Erinna and Water. Erinna is those common guys you would find in SG,  filled with lots of lame jokes and hilarious personality. There was never once I was not amused on the stuff he typed in the conversation. Water is quite special in my opinion, being the guy who lived in 3 different countries due to various reason, you can pretty much chat about anything with him. He was also very kind, always being there to help my love and I in leveling on guards and dungeons. Unfortunately, he left EU Aion for US version a week ago and that saddens me a lot. I do admit I miss someone going ‘Brb, coffee’ in the middle of dungeon lol.

I suppose that’s all I got on my mind today. I wish you guys enjoyed this post as much as I do. Last but not the least, I wish Water being well in the US version or better, return to EU D:. Till then, buh bye~


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