Review on CN Age of Wulin

Unlike most people out there, I didn’t join the hype over Diablo III or Guild Wars 2. Instead, I went to try on other games, one of them being Age of Wulin China version. Since there aren’t much topic or articles over this game, I decided to write up one from my first hand experience to clarify and explain the game features. Either way, here I go~


Gameplay wise, it is really up to you on what you want to focus on in the game. As promoted in the trailer and news, they don’t have level, only skill expertise (I’ll discuss it later in another section). Players are freely allowed to do whatever they want. You may choose NOT to join a sect and go pure life skill if you wish, or join a Sect for more storyline and skills, or go for both.

The transport in Age of Wulin is average in my opinion. The map is relatively large since the character don’t run fast until you got your first horse through quest or cash shop. However, the user may make use of teleport system to fasten their traveling time by using the T hotkey. The teleport system has 10 minutes cool down and allows you to teleport to any saved warp location of your choice (As shown in the screenshot above, you may have 9 different warp location). Additional help on transport will be the horse carrier, in which you can hire through npc to travel to selected destination.


There are plenty of quest available in the game, in which can be categorized into different type: Campaign, Sect, Side Quest, Rumors and Newbie Guide. Campaign story differs from every player depending on the background story you pick upon character creation (You may pick one of the four, it will also determine your initial spawn city) and your decision/action during the campaign. Sect Quest can be obtained in character’s respective Sect HQ (If you join one). These quest are relatively important during your initial gameplay to obtain more skills for future battles in quest / PK / wars. From what I see, it will also lead you to Sect Campaign with their very own cutscene and storyline.

In contrast to your usual MMO, Side Quest is not really THAT useless as it can be a good source on reputation points, money, and most importantly, it might be a hidden trigger for certain Miracle Encounter (奇遇). Miracle Encounter are quests/story triggered by hidden flag or pure luck which allows the character to learn or obtain certain / rare skill, items or equipments. Rumors are not really quests but they can be obtained by npc and might be a hint for triggering Miracle Encounter. Newbie Guide are pretty much self-explained, they are obtained when you first start the game and helps you to obtain your first few skills and equipments.

Doing a quest in Age of Wulin is not hard, but involves A LOT of running around (which can be rather frustrating) especially most Sect don’t allow you to ride horses within their territory as it is considered as disrespectful. However, like most of the Chinese product game, there is auto tracking system and you may simply click the green highlighted name in the quest and let the AI auto run you to the NPC / Monster / Item. You may also finish your quests more efficiently by referring to the Map (M) and check on the numbers. The numbers signifies the quest number given in your quest log and through there, you may choose on who to go first, or rather, which is nearer.

Skill Expertise

Obtaining a skill in Age of Wulin is not hard. As mentioned in the earlier, players obtain their first few skills through Newbie Guide, Sect quest and later on, Miracle Encounter. In addition, players may also learn skills through buying skill books from npcs / players, stealing skill books from the other Sect through event, raiding dungeon or doing instances.

As expected from a martial art game, each Sect has their very own distinctive martial arts skills (3 martial patterns [套路] and 1 Nei Gong [内功]). These skills can be obtained upon finishing the initial Sect Quests after joining a sect. For better explanation on martial patterns, I’ll use Er Mei Sect as an example. In Er Mei, the 3 martial patterns are: Palm, Dagger and Dual Dagger. Since there are no restriction (as far as I know) on expertise point, a player are believed to be able to fully expertise all three given martial patterns with a good amount of time and patience. Each martial pattern are relatively different and have their very own pro and cons. Also, each of them got their very own set of skills, eg: Er Mei Dagger pattern specialize on healing.

Martial pattern of a character are dependent on the weapon equipped by the player though there are exceptions. For example, when an Er Mei character was equipped with Dagger, she may use both Palm and Dagger martial pattern but not Dual Dagger since Palm martial pattern does not require specific weapon. However, to prevent abuse on martial pattern, if the character uses a skill in the Palm martial pattern tree, ALL skills in the Dagger martial pattern tree will automatically be in 7 second cool down time.

Another worth to mention info is, nei gong are very similar to your passive skills and the higher it is, the more stats it adds to your character. Also, depending on the nei gong you have, you might gain additional attributes like reduce received damage by X% and so on. When you reach a certain rank / level for your basic nei gong obtained from the Sect, you’ll be allowed to learn and venture into more advanced nei gong skills.

You can level up skill expertise through 3 ways: Internal training, Kung fu practice and Party training. Details on how it works can be found in this link: Click Here. Alternatively, you may also train a specific skill through Offline training but it is restricted to only VIP players (They might change this on the English side in the future).

On the other hand, Qing Gong [轻功] are more like your temporary skill to move in superhuman speed or perform specific task such as walking on water, running up the wall and so on. You may obtain your first Qing Gong through Newbie Guide, and another one through buying from NPC in the newbie town. Most Qing Gong are obtained through Miracle Encounter.

For extra information on skill battles, reading up this article will be rather useful in my opinion: Click Here.

Character Status / Challenge

This feature is rather similar to arcade MMO like Spirit Tales. Depending on the Sect / Life Skill you’re into, you may challenge a new status by meeting the requirement of the specific status. By obtaining a new status, you’ll be able to gain a new title along with it’s reward. Of course, some challenges are rather general, for example: To reach 100 combo hits, having a friend, killing a player and so on.

Sect wise, obtaining a new status may also means gaining a new Sect outfit (Does not affect stats) and having access to new skills. In logical terms, you may wish to prioritize Sect challenges first (At least that’s how I do it).


Equipments in Age of Wulin are differentiated into 3 types: Normal gear (江湖装), Status gear (身份装) and Cash gear (时装). Normal gear would contains stats and you may obtain them through quests, campaign, miracle encounter and more. Status gear does not give stats (as far as I know) and can be obtained through Sect challenge. Cash gear is self explained I believe, you got them through buying from cash shop and they do not give any additional stats (so far). You may equip all 3 gears at the same time and choose which skin you wish to show at the moment. Be assured that Normal gear’s stat will be used despite you’re running around with Status gear skin.

Additional Reading

Here are some English source that you can read up:

Life Skills
Imprisoning System & School Rules
Offline Activity System and Kidnapping System
School Spying and Patrolling System


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