Rage of Bahamut: The Beginner Guide

Alright, since my CPU exploded around 3-4 weeks ago, I’ve been playing a mobile trading card game with my guild mates. Those who are keen in flipping the game section in App Store or Android Market would’ve probably heard of this game before: Rage of Bahamut.

The game size is rather small imo, around 5-6MB and works in both Apple and Android products. Upon installing it, you will need to register an account with either your Facebook account or sign up a Moba account on the login page. When you’re done with all of it, you’ll be asked to choose a realm to join. There are 3 realms in total: God, Man and Demon.

God cards are balanced in terms of stat and average high in terms of card price in the market; Man cards are good in defence and for now, their cards are rather cheap; Demon cards are good in attack and very expensive in the market. After choosing a realm, you’ll be lead into a tutorial. You’ll be able to grasp the basics of the game thru there so I’ll skip the explanation for that.

At the end of the tutorial, you’ll be given a chance to enter a referral code. By entering a referral code, you’ll be able to get a rare god realm card (Angelic Knight) and 100k rupies, which I consider it is a decent start for a new player.

If you are kind enough, my referral code is xil66304.

So, for a new player, I believe there are too many questions prompting out. So before I throw every single information and spin your head, I’ll do it part by part. First, on the attribute points. There are many preference on how you should be adding them but this is what I suggest: Pump your Stamina to 50 – 60 first to make it fasten the quest speed. You’ll be looking into def and atk later on. For me, I prefer having def to 60 – 80 first before getting my atk up to 80+.

As much as I wish to move on to the cards you should be getting, I’ll have to mention how evolving and enhancing first. As mentioned in the tutorial, you can see a card’s evolve through the name. For example on Angel, it’s evolve pattern would be Angel -> Angel+ -> Angel++ -> [Shining Light] Angel. So on common terms, any name with square bracket aka [] are considered as evolved card.

Now, if you did look at the forums and some trading post, you’ll notice all those 4-0, 6-2, 8-4 etc wording along with the card name. That basically means how the card was evolved. So let’s put it as X-Y shall we? X would mean the number of cards used to obtain the evolved card (aka the [] card) while Y would means how many time it was enhanced to max BEFORE it become an evolved card. Different evolve method would affect the final stat of the card, you may refer here for the percentage. As for how to perform each evolve method, you may refer here.

At this point, I would assume you have grasped on how to perform basic procedure on evolving and enhancing a card. Before I move on to the next part, I have another advice. 8-14 are not always good and in fact, I believe it is a waste of time and money. For efficiency, I would prefer 6-0 / 8-0 on Normal, 6-2 on High Normal, 6-2 / 6-4 / 6-6 on Rare, depending how long I want to use it; 6-4 / 6-6 on High Rare; 4-6 on SR etc.

Okay, now for the main question! What should you be using for your starting deck? My answer would be simple, use something with low power (PWR) and high atk/def. I believe this statement may sound confusing so I’ll provide a decent source for references on the existing cards in the game for the English version here.

To make it even clear, I’ll give some suggestion for each realm, starting with God. For Def Deck, you should be attempting on getting Dryads as they got decent def while only uses 2 pwr. Angel or Fire Elemental on Atk Deck. You may move on the Gnome for better Def or straight jump to Rare (which I prefer). For Rares, you should be getting Vayu (Better stat) or Rhea (Better skill) for Def. You should get Agni (Good skill) / Kratos (Better stat) / Reshef (Even better stat) / Gold Fox (Looks + stat) for Atk. Of course, it’ll be much better if you could afford a Max Evo Valkyrie Hild with 13.9k+ atk stat since it’s a very good card and much cheaper than other Max Evo High Rare.

For Man realm, you should have Knights for your Def deck and Young Dancer for Atk deck. Both cards are VERY easy to get from quest and fairly decent for a starter. If you wish to move on to High Normal, you may want to pick Ninja or Lady Gunner for atk. Def wise, it’s suggested to move straight to Rare as Holy Knight and Holy Lancer are very good (Skill wise) while Buccaneer are super tanky in terms of stat. High Gunner and High Dancer would be a decent Atk card though.

Demon realm wise, you should look into Skeleton / Kid Vampire for Def and Goblin for Atk. You’ll want to move on to Rare fast since Succubus (Good skill and decent stat) and Elder Dragon are very good Atk cards. You would also want a few Melusine or Skeleton Knight for Def. Of course, if you have some money, you should be getting a few Max Evo Luciella (At least 6-0 or 6-2) in low price as they’re a great boost in a cheap starter atk deck.

When dealing with trades, you should be careful on treasure cards. To see if a card is a treasure card, simple look at the bottom right of the card. If there are no balls / circles, it is a treasure card and CAN NOT be evolved, in which make them lower stat than other cards of the same rarity. Still, in my honest opinion, some treasure cards are still decent for a starter deck as they do have some good skills, for example: Alluring Angel, Scribe and Camulia.

Alright, it seems I typed slightly too much on this post. I hope you guys would love the game and find this guide useful. Again, if you are kind enough, my referral code is xil66304.





4 responses

  1. Hi! So should I sell or trade or keep treasure cards?

    1. You should be selling them for 1-2 hp since they don’t worth much.

  2. What is your username on Rage?

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