Some Recent Sims 3 Screenshots

While waiting for Guild Wars 2, I dived back to Sims 3 to kill my time. In the process, I’ve updated my pose pack and you probably guessed it, this post will be all the screenshots I took while testing the pose pack. Here comes the picture spam~

Just for the sake of seeing the potential of not using pose pack..

I hope you enjoyed it =D





5 responses

  1. Where did you get the first pose?

  2. where can i find the hair on the first picture?

  3. Tu pode botar o personagem da ultima imagem para download?, que sims perfeitos *-*

    1. sorry , I’m from Brazil and I forgot to put the question in English 😦

      You could put the yes of the last image to donwload ? , They are perfect * – *

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