Guild Wars 2 Chef 1-400 Levelling Guide

Frustrated on finding party to go 70-80 map? Tired of finishing hearts and events just for the sake of exp? This is the guide for you! That’s if you’re willing to sacrifice a small amount of karma and gold *cough*. This guide was originally shared by a friend of mine, and after I did some modification to it, it is now a pretty much the compiled version with everything you need.

Before you guys going “Hey, it’s on the forum!”, I’ve read that before and in my honest opinion, I prefer my version as it lessen the needs of labour gathering. Either way, enough on the talking now and let’s proceed to the guide.


Section 1 – What You Need
Section 2 – Cooking Recipes
Section 3 – Karma Vendor Location
Section 4 – Tips
Section 5 – Epilogue

Section 1 – What You Need

In order to purchase all the ingredients necessary for the guide, you’ll need to have around 4000 karma and 1 gold. You’ll also need to complete the specific hearts to access the required karma vendor (See Section 3 for location).

Depending on your collection on chef materials (Assuming you do some random gathering while levelling), you will need to have at least 20 of any ingredient below:

Combo A – Raspberry
Combo B – Slab of Red Meat + Asparagus Spear
Combo C – Head of Garlic + Artichoke

Example #1: If you have 20+ Raspberry (Combo A), you can pretty much ignore the ingredients in Combo B and Combo C.
Example #2: You can have a mix of 8 Combo A, 5 Combo B and 7 Combo C, as long as they add up to at least 20.

Section 2 – Cooking Recipes

Legend on Ingredient Source
Blue – Master Chef
Purple – Karma Vendor
Red – Previous Chef Item
Green – Gathered

Recipe Format
[Chef Skill] – [Recipe Name]
[Ingredients Needed]

Skill 0 – Pile of Salt and Pepper (Keep it)
Salt + Peppercorn

Skill 0 – Ball of Dough (Keep it)
Jug of Water + Bag of Flour + Stick of Butter

Skill 25 – Apple Tart
Apple + Bag of Sugar + Stick of Butter + Ball of Dough

Skill 50 – Ball of Cookie Dough (Keep it)
Stick of Butter + Bag of Flour + Egg + Bag of Sugar

Skill 75 – Bowl of Roux (Keep it)
Stick of Butter + Bag of Flour

Skill 100 – Pile of Paprika
Bell Pepper + Chilli Pepper

Skill 125 – Pile of Simple Stew Herbs
Thyme Leaf + Bay Leaf

Skill 150 – Chocolate Chip Cookie
Chocolate Bar + Ball of Cookie Dough

Skill 175 – Cherry Tard
Stick of Butter + Bag of Sugar + Cherry + Ball of Dough

Skill 200 – Cherry Pie Filling
Bag of Sugar + Stick of Butter + Bag of Starch + Cherry
>> Only make small amount to produce Cherry Pie [Finished Product] <<

Skill 200 – Cherry Pie
Cherry Pie Filling + Ball of Dough

Skill 225 – Chocolate Orange
Chocolate Bar + Orange

Skill 250 – Orange Sauce
Orange + Bag of Sugar + Bag of Starch + Jar of Vinegar

Skill 275 – Jar of Citrus Cream Sauce
Orange + Lemon + Glass of Buttermilk + Bowl of Roux

Skill 300 – Eggplant Fritter
Eggplant + Bag of Flour + Egg + Peppercorn

 – – –  Start of Skill 325 Breakdown  – – –

This is the point where ingredient can’t be bought by NPC but gathered. In order to reduce the gathering needs, I highly recommend anyone to do Eggplant Fritter until Skill 340. By doing so, you’ll only need 20 of the Combo Ingredient (The ones mentioned above) to get through this stage for 350 recipe.

If you got plenty of gold to spend, just stop Eggplant Fritter at 325 and get the Combo Ingredients you need in Trading Post. 😀

– – –  End of Skill 325 Breakdown  – – –

Skill 325 – Chocolate Raspberry Cream (Combo 1)
Glass of Buttermilk + Bag of Sugar + Chocolate Bar + Raspberry

Skill 325 – Plate of Steak and Asparagus (Combo 2)
Stick of Butter + Pile of Salt and Pepper + Slab of Red Meat + Asparagus Spear

Skill 325 – Roasted Artichoke (Combo 3)
Stick of Butter + Lemon + Head of Garlic + Artichoke

Skill 350 – Peach Tart
Stick of Butter + Bag of Sugar + Peach + Ball of Dough

Skill 375 – Peach Pie Filling
Bag of Flour + Bag of Sugar + Stick of Butter + Peach

Section 3 – Karma Vendor Location

The location of the Karma Vendor for the ingredients are shown in the images below. Click to enlarge image~


Bayleaves and Bananas


Chilli Peppers


Lemon and Vanilla Beans



Section 4 – Tips

1. It is always encouraged to finish all the hearts of the listed Karma Vendor before starting to level up chef since you wouldn’t want to spend half of your time doing hearts when you’re using the craft booster.

2. It is safe to assume that you need a total of 50 craft to get through one stage (Eg: Skill 300 to Skill 325).

3. To minimise waypoint fee, craft in Lion’s Arch as it is free by going through Heart of Mist.

4. Master Chef is the NPC standing beside the Cooking station.

4. Karma vendor sells ingredient in bulk. 1 bulk = 25 ingredient.

Section 5 – Epilogue

Just in case ArenaNet decides to nerf the recipes in the future, please do note that it is very unlikely for me to update this guide to suit the future patches.

At last, I hope the guide helps everyone who have trouble levelling chef or going though 70-80.


7 responses

  1. At least credit the person who made the pictures…

    1. Personally, I got no idea who took the pictures, I got them from my friend that way. If you could tell me their source, I’ll be more than glad to add them to the post.

  2. Honestly did save me today, helped a great deal on my way 220=>400. Thanks for all the infos, though I may say that the orange map is no longer valid as the quest giver does not sell them anymore.

  3. hey bro i need an advice im level 168
    i made several pill of ascalonian herbs
    but now i can only make
    marron dye(master) this one cost me almost 50 silver in order to create it D:
    orange dye(master) this cost me like 30 silver

    any advise?

    can i get a receipe from my level to save some money

    1. I went with chocolate chip cookies, anyway guild head is also a valid source of recipes, especially for discoveries:,id


  5. I got this web page from my friend who shared with me regarding this site and at the
    moment this time I am browsing this website and reading very informative content here.

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