Aetheria – Chapter 1

I believe anyone that had kept track on my status in real life or guild should know that I’ve been writing a story. Originally, the settings of the world and the purpose of it was to turn it into the guild’s mascot background but the more I write, the more I realise I’ve derailed my original plans.

Thus, it ended up as my own personal story that I’ve created (I won’t mind if my guild decides to use it for the mascot though lol!).

At this moment, I’ve already completed the story but instead of chunking all into the blog in one shot, I’ll be posting them chapter by chapter every day. It consists of 13 chapters and an epilogue.

For the ease of navigation, I’ve made a new category in the blog called as “Aetheria” so everything will go into there. Plus, you may check them through the header link on top. 😉

So anyway, enough of the babbling, I shall let the story do the talking instead. I present to you Aetheria, Chapter 1~

Chapter 1 – Begegnung

The story started from a faraway place, being thousands of miles away from the floating ancient city known as Aetheria, the location of village was not significant in many aspects, especially when Aether was non-existence in this piece of land.

Aethers are rare crystals that yield great power, commonly used as fuel by many parts of the world, a pebble sized Aether is often enough to actuate a metropolis for a few hundred years if extracted properly by specialised tools. Due to this, a land’s popularity and development speed are often judged through its Aether spawn bestowed by Mother Nature.

As water hissed through the river stream and the sun casted a burnish copper sky into a kaleidoscopic view, laughter of children could be heard from the paddy field located below the large hill surrounded by forest. While warm wind blew and birds chirped farewell, a petite figure could be seen scampering among the trees.

“Setsura..!! It’s getting dark; the adults will get mad if we don’t return soon!” one of the boys shouted in a natural gesture towards the hill. Despite no one could be seen from that direction, the shout was soon replied in an echo by a soft female voice.

When the petite figure stood up and began to run to the village, a silhouette caught its attention. Out of curiosity, the petite figure slowed down and walked towards it. Through experience and instinct, the petite figure hid itself with the surrounding bushes as it peeked from the leaves gap.

The owner of the silhouette was apparently a young man at the age of early twenties, with shimmering gold hair and a slender body build, he sat under a tree with one of his arms resting on top of his right knee cap.

After confirming its safety, the petite figure rustled out from the bushes and approached the young man with care.

“Faster, Setsura!! We’re going to leave you behind!” The sudden voice call shocked the petite figure for a second.

“Don’t worry! I’ll catch up later, you guys just go ahead!!” The petite figure yelled in reply while retaining its attention at the young man who wore a rather peculiar outfit, strongly implying he is not from the village.

“Hey, are you a traveller?” Setsura prompted the question in excitement. The young man did not respond while remaining stiff as ever. His ocean blue eyes were blank, as though his soul was sucked away from him.

“Hey,” Setsura lifted her tone as she was not pleased on the young man’s ignorance. Resembling a stone, the young man neither spoke nor moved an inch.

“Are you hungry?” Despite the continual failure, Setsura gave her final attempt but the young man remained in silence.

Without putting much thought into it, Setsura looked around and jogged towards one of the nearby trees. She swiftly climbed onto it to pick some plums and returned to the young man by wrapping her harvests with her long shirt.

“Just eat what I got here. It’s getting late now, I’ll check on you again tomorrow,” Setsura put the plums beside the young man and rushed back to the village as fast as she could.

On the next day, Setsura kept her promise and ran to the hills again regardless of the scolding she received yesterday on returning late. On her way, she pondered if the young man was still there and unknowingly, a gush of excitement flowed through her body and she increased her running speed.

“He he, I knew you were hungry yesterday!” Setsura gave the young man a big mischievous smile as soon as she noticed the leftover plum seeds upon her arrival.

“Here, these are supposed to be my lunch today but I’ll share it with you,” Setsura sat beside the young man and split the meat bun which she brought over with a piece of wrapped cloth.

Although the young man did not show any change of expression or movements, it does not seem to bother Setsura – at least until she realised the young man had no intention of eating it. Boldly, Setsura took the young man’s share of the meat bun and shoved it into his mouth with all her strength.

“When someone offers you food, eat it!” Setsura’s lower lip protruded in a sulky pout while her cheeks were brushed in pink under the summer afternoon heat.

As much to the young man’s dismay, portrayed clearly from the curled up wrinkles formed around his forehead, he unwillingly chewed the meat bun.  Being satisfied by the young man’s action, Setsura nodded with a smile and lay on the floor to enjoy the incoming breeze.

Day by day passed and Setsura continued her unrequited visits, never failing to bring food for the young man whenever she is around, be it home cooked or wildly picked ones. Even though Setsura did attempt to further gain the young man’s respond in multiple ways, the young man kept his silence as usual.


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