Aetheria – Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Der Flug

“So when you swing your hand here… poof! It’s gone!” To kill her time, Zakura entertained the Whisp children with magic tricks in the settlement.

From her expressions, it did seem that she was really enjoying herself at that moment.

“Oh, you two returned! How did it go?” Zakura sensed the incoming footsteps and she waved at the couple in excitement.

“And oh, I’ve found a way for us to go to Aetheria… Did something happen just now?” Zakura knitted her brows as she noticed the awkward atmosphere around Setsura and Lucianus.

“I’m tired, I’ll go rest early today,” Setsura rushed towards the tent in a quick walking pace.

Although she did not lift her head all the while, Zakura was aware that Setsura had cried earlier.

“Lucianus, what’s going on here?” Zakura never liked to be kept in the dark.

Lucianus did not answer her and ensconced under a tree located at the far corner of the settlement, as if he decided to sleep there tonight.

“Hmmm,” Zakura and the Whisps made a long dubious sound in unison, as if they were asking each other about Setsura and Lucianus’s weird behaviours.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

The trio continued to spend their days in the Whisp’s settlement as they waited for the full moon to come.

From the information Zakura obtained from the Whisps, Aetheria was floating towards their direction in a steady pace and within a few more days, it will definitely pass by their location – an excellent timing since the Whisps will grow wings under the full moon and they will be able to carry them to Aetheria through flight.

“…” Setsura chewed on her breakfast and remained quiet.

For the past few days, neither Lucianus nor her spoke a word to each other and if they ever needed to pass a message, they would ended up using Zakura as a medium, causing dissatisfaction on the poor Zakura.

“Ah, I can’t hold it anymore!” Zakura’s patience finally depleted and she screamed angrily.

“You two here, both of you, listen!” She stood up and pointed fingers at Setsura and Lucianus.

“I don’t care whatever happened in the lake, but you two should really stop acting like a child, especially you, thousand year old monster!” Zakura continued to yell as she stomped her feet on the ground, causing her fellow Whisps to run away in terror.

Unfortunately, as though Zakura’s public outcry did not get into the couple’s ear, the couple remained their silence among each other.

Out of pure irritation on the respond she got, Zakura summoned a katana on her right hand without any hesitation and leapt towards Setsura to attack her.

Zakura’s movements were swift and sharp, strongly hinting that her intention was serious on trying to slash Setsura alive.

Horrified by Zakura’s sudden gesture, Setsura dropped her food and tried to evade it but with Zakura’s inhuman speed, her efforts were in vain.

As Zakura’s blade approached Setsura, Setsura closed her eyes in fear as she prepared to be slash by Zakura.

However, the blade did not strike her. By the time she opened her eyes, she was in Lucianus’s warm arm while his left hand was holding onto Zakura’s sharp blade.

Streaks of crimson red blood could be seen oozing out from his palm but it did not seem to affect Lucianus at all. His expression was absolutely furious.

“Zakura, are you mad?!” He shouted and scowled at Zakura. Satisfied with Lucianus’s respond, Zakura released her katana and did a backflip to keep her distance from the couple.

“Now, you really do care for her. Why hold down your feelings and hurt each other?” Zakura smirked and nodded her head in satisfaction, like everything went according to her plan.

Before returning to her seat, Zakura flicked her hand and the katana scattered into hundreds of cherry blossom petals.

“Luci… your hand is bleeding,” Finally willing to open her mouth, Setsura spoke to Lucianus for the first time.

Despite being well aware on Lucianus’s healing ability, Setsura still could not bear to see him wounded and she took in his hand, caressing it.

“Silly,” Lucianus gave her a gentle smile and hugged her.

“Setsura, you got no needs to show your compassion on him. Even if I slice him into half, he’ll probably be able to survive that,” as unromantic as she was, Zakura blurted out some very unsentimental words, completely destroying the atmosphere built around the couple.

Her statement was immediately responded by a fire bolt shooting towards her.

“Hey, watch out on that… crap,” Zakura dodged the fire bolt easily but when she saw both of Lucianus’s hands were ignited in flame, she knew she got herself in huge trouble.

“Zakura, don’t you ever think that you could get away with that…” Lucianus may be grateful on Zakura’s effort on mending his relationship with Setsura but he would never forgive anyone that attempted to harm Setsura.

Both of his eyes glowed evilly and he gave out a sadistic grin.

And thus, the battle went on in a comedic way with Lucianus chasing Zakura while spitting fire here, there and everywhere. The scene continued for a long time until Setsura ran in between of them to stop their childish act since she ended up worrying Lucianus might burn down the whole Whisp’s settlement by accident.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

“So it’s finally full moon…” Setsura looked up to the sky and she could clearly see a humongous city floating on top of her, blocking the brilliant full moon from bathing the land with its shine.

She turned her head to Lucianus who was completely engrossed in staring at Aetheria from the ground.

So this is how it is going to end… Reluctantly, Lucianus’s words in the lake flashed through her mind and the bitterness welled up inside her again.

Luci… You may not change your mind at this moment but I will prove it to you, that I am happiest when I am with you. Setsura clutched her fist, determined on her resolution.

“Hey you two, stop standing there! The Whisps said they’re going to be ready soon,” Zakura yelled from afar and waved to both of them.

Around her stood at least twenty Whisps, where they chattered among each other with chirping sounds, as if they wished Zakura to stay longer.

When Lucianus and Setsura approached the group, they can see shimmering yellow glitter started to gather at the back of the Whisps and gradually, a thin semi transparent insect-like wing was formed.

Under the shadow of Aetheria, the Whisps continued sparkled like fireflies along with their surroundings.

“Jiji,” one of the Whisp pulled Zakura’s lower outfit and informed her that the group are now ready to take off whenever they need.

“Then, are the both of you ready?” Zakura stared at the couple and she continued to pat each and every Whisp’s head as a farewell gift. It did seem that Zakura and the Whisps had taken a great liking towards each other.

With the trio nodded among each other for confirmation, the Whisps spread their wings and began to fly among each other in circle.

Like some dainty fairies, every time the Whisp flapped their wings, glittering sparkles could be seen falling off to the ground, turning the trio’s surrounding into a beautiful golden powdered rain.

Then, the Whisps began to spread themselves among the trio to lift them from the ground by carrying their hands, waist and legs.

Despite their petite wings, the Whisps showed remarkable strength and the group began to fly upwards to Aetheria without much trouble.

That very night, trails shimmering in gold could be seen from afar, mimicking the staircase of heaven.


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