Guide 101: Debug / Fix Sims 3

I believe anyone who played Sims 3 frequent enough should have realised that game tend to work in some funky ways at times, especially when you use mods. As a heavy mod user for Sims 3, I’ve learned some useful tricks on fixing the game whenever something funny pops out, be it mod wise or game wise.

For the ease of new players / mod users, I’ve compiled some frequent Sims 3 problems and ways to solve them. All of them are based from my experience and by right, it should be able to solve all funny issues occurred.

Tips: All problems are listed in QnA form, use ctrl+f to find the keywords.

Before I start anything, here is a mini guide on how to clear game caches:
1) Go to your Sims 3 folder in My Documents.
2) Delete CASPartCache.package, compositorCache.package, scriptCache.package, simCompositorCache.package and socialCache.package.
3) Go to your WorldCaches folder (If any), delete everything inside.


Q: My game crashes everytime I try to start it!
This is most likely caused by mods incompatibility to the game patch. Look through your mods and check with the creator website for any updates and to see if it fits your current game patch. To know your game patch version, simply drag your mouse to the base game icon and read the text-popup. Example below:

If you still can’t find the problem / don’t know which mod is causing the problem, take out the whole mod folder and see if you can go to the game. If you can go in the game fine without the mod folder, then keep trying to start the game by putting the mod’s sub folder in one by one. With that, you should be able to pinpoint the specific corrupted/outdated mod. Also, do clear your game caches.

If you can’t go into the game even without the mod folder (Which is very very very unlikely). Chances are, your game itself is corrupted and you may want to reinstall it. Take out your Saves folder before uninstalling so you can continue playing your previous save files with the newly installed game.

Q: My game crashes everytime I’m done using the CAS screen!
That means one of your custom content is corrupted. Try reflect back on which items have you used, is it hair, makeup or clothes? If you’re unsure, try going back and forth the CAS to see which is causing the problem. When you manage to find the cause, simple take that custom content out.

Q: My sim world’s lot is all blue!
The all-so-evil blue lot I suppose. If you’re getting this, I’m sorry to tell you that there are no way on recovering that world of yours unless you got an old copy of the save file. Reason behind blue lot is you’ve put some corrupted plant / furniture / build content into one of the sim lot and it’s bugging your whole world (Yes, that’s how serious it is).

As usual, go back and forth trying which item you’ve put in previously but in a much more hassled way. You’ll need to throw all those items in a sim lot and save the game. Reload the game and that save file. If that loaded save file got blue lot, voila, you could probably guess which was the cause of the problem. Start scaling down the scope with the following steps: Continue making a new game -> put the items to sim lot -> save game -> load game -> check for blue lot.

Upon finding the cause, simply uninstall / delete that item from your custom contents~

Q: My mods are not working!
Okay… this is a very vague problem but you can slowly drill down the problem with a few tricks. First of all, clear your game caches and go into the game again to see if it works since the game priorities on reading the cache and not your mod folder for faster gameplay.

Start checking the mod’s compatibility to the game patch. If it is compatible, then the mod might be corrupted and you may want to redownload it. You may also want to get Delphy Dashboard for a quick scan on the mod itself. Worst come to worst, find an alternative for that mod or simply discard it.

Q: My lifetime wishes are all heart shape!
A mod is corrupting the lifetime wishes system. Start checking any mods that are related to lifetime wishes (Nraas, Awesomemod). Also, look through any mods that has something to do with memory making and traits.

Q: My sim can’t access the bed!
This means something is blocking your sim’s way or the bed is bugged (common bug). Looks around for any cloth piles at the floor near your bed and move them far far away. Then, go to buy mod and replace the old bed with a new one. Tadaa, it worked again.

Q: My sim’s car is missing after giving birth in the hospital!
Look into your sim’s inventory, and the baby’s father’s one. Chances are, it’s inside. Else, go check the family inventory.

Q: My butler is gone!
Rule of thumb: Max your butler’s relationship with ALL your household sim else he/she will go grumpy and leave the house. You may also try ctrl+shift+c and type “resetsim [name]” to reset your butler so you can hire him again. Worst come to worst, just kill that butler to spawn a new one n_n~

Q: I can see the plant / furnitures from the other floors!
Clear your game caches~ If it still there, just play the game as usual, after one or two sim day, it should be auto fixed (No idea why but it worked =/).

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