Diabolik Lovers: Basic Guide + CG and Sprite Downloads

Diabolik Lovers! A rare game that managed to make me go sugar high and adrenaline pumping for its storyline and awesome characters. I wouldn’t say it is your typical lovey dovey otome games but Diabolik Lovers is definitely something special and a must-try game for those who wanted something different (make sure you’re open minded and not faint hearted too).

Either way, before I drag this post too far away from the topic, I’m here to share some basic guides on unlocking the endings for each characters and of course, the game CG and Sprites.

Basic Guide

Unlike most otome games out there where you’ll be required to replay and replay the same story again and again just to unlock another ending for your desired CGs, each Diabolik Lovers route come with 3 arcs (Dark, Maniac and Ecstasy) and for each arc, there will be a prologue, 10 chapters and an epilogue. As long as you unlocked the chapters (it’ll auto save your achievements), you may re-visit the particular chapter any time you want, reducing the needs of doing mass saving. In fact, I didn’t even do a single manual saving during my game play.

You’ll be given 3 stats in the game, Love Meter, S Meter and M Meter.

Love Meter is raised in Chapter 01 – Chapter 06 of each arc. As long as you see a heart effect coming on upon your selected dialogue, your love meter increases. The max value for Love Meter is 90.

S Meter and M Meter are raised in Chapter 07 – Chapter 10 of each arc. In these chapters, a sadistic reply is indicated by a purple lamp effect while a masochistic reply will show a blue lamp. The max value for both S and M Meter is 60.

Another thing to note about Diabolik Lovers would be the extra selections prompted to you by the end of chapter 07 – chapter 10 for each arc. There will be 3 light blue phrases and you’re required to select two correct ones. It is really easy to know if you do the right selection since the correct choice will result in blood splattering effect.

Since achieving max Love Meter is relatively easy and obvious, I’ll assume everyone has max Love Meter by the end of each route.

For Good End, you’ll need at least 45 M Meter.
For Normal End, you’ll need at least 45 S Meter.
For Bad End, both of your S Meter and M Meter must be lower than 45.

If you’re actually looking for a detailed guide for the routes, fear not~

I’ll be posting them soon enough and update here with the links.

Complete Route Guides

Sakamaki Ayato 逆巻アヤト Route
Sakamaki Kanato 逆巻カナト Route
Sakamaki Laito 逆巻ライト Route
Sakamaki Shuu 逆巻シュウ Route
Sakamaki Reiji 逆巻レイジ Route
Sakamaki Subaru 逆巻スバル Route

CG and Sprite Downloads

For those who’re just here for the downloads, I apologise for the wall of text above. You may download them here:

CG Download: >>Click Me<<
Sprite Download: >>Click Me <<

Till then, Have fun \(^_^)/~!


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  1. I am making a game for fun and I’m not sure if I’m allowed to use copyright work. Am I allowed to use it in my game as long as I give the Diabolik lovers game credit for the art work?

    1. Doubt it is allowed but if it is a non profitable game and a credit was given, I believe it should be fine.

      1. Thank you! ^.^

      2. But won’t it be illegal without their permission?

  2. Hi I just want to say thank you so much for taking the time and effort to do these guides. They help a lot of people especially us who don’t understand Japanese much. Sankyuu~ ^o^

  3. I´ve downloaded it but how can i play?

  4. Waa thanks for the game guides! 😀 Unfortunately, I don’t know many kanji and reading what the eroine is saying it’s really difficult ;.; So thanks a lot! 😀

  5. Thank you! I was beginning to wonder why there were S and M in momokan’s walk through :))

    1. download game?

  6. i dont get how to download the game!! >.<" the links u gave only contains pics!! D: no game!!! Q~Q

  7. Even though i downloaded the game, it only contains pictures 😦 HELPPP T^T

  8. hell yea bitches this game is so hella fucking awesome you fagot

  9. I downloaded but dont know how to get to play ??? help please 😦

  10. it’s just pectres of the game but not THE GAME

  11. The files of the CGs and sprites have been taken down… ;;

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