BLACK WOLVES SAGA -Bloody Nightmare- Song collection「Dear Despair」 初回限定版

I’m probably late to the party but I’m currently playing Black Wolves Saga to kill my time. I liked the songs a lot but seriously, finding this OST was harder than I thought and the links were broken everywhere. For the sake of those who wanted the album, I uploaded it myself and hopefully, it will benefit those who are looking for it.

Track List

1. 「Dear Despair」/ラス・ヴォガード(CV:梶裕貴)
2. 「TESTAMENT」/lasah
3. 「TESTAMENT -English ver.-」/lasah
4. 「希望-nameless diva ver.-」/lasah
5. 録り下ろしミニドラマ「花びらのお茶」
6. 「Dear Despair -short ver.-」/ラス・ヴォガード(CV:梶裕貴)
7. 「Dear Despair -off vocal-」
8. 「TESTAMENT -off vocal-」
9. 「希望-nameless diva ver.- -off vocal-」

Download Link


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