Something about Elfelin

Not much people heard of the ‘Elfelin’ word from me, and if they did, they are most likely the ones who were close to me. And from there, you may have known my BJD characters are based on the Elfelin story, a world / setting I set up for me to go wild in.

For your information, I have started Elfelin since 7 years ago. It is a very long time ago, and it has been going on ever since even until today. I call it my little world, or my lifetime project. It is something I would like to work on for the rest of my life (or at the least, until I got tired of it).

Elfelin is a part of me, and it represents who I am. It is precious, as if I lose Elfelin, I am not me. The names and side stories within were actually more than just my imagination. They were not entirely gibberish, since they have their own representation in my life, be it a person or something else. Elfelin, if I am allowed to say, is a symbolism of what I experienced and lived so far. Elfelin is my memory.

That being said, it prompted a question on why is Yul (and Mai) my favourite character inside. In some case, what is the origin of his (and her) name? I believe less than 5 people in this world actually know this answer.

Anyway, part of the reasons Yul and Mai is my favourite are because I started Elfelin from them. I made them first, and they are like the ‘Adam and Eve’ in it. It started from them, where I slowly expand Elfelin until what it is today.

In some thoughts, Elfelin could be my mental support. Whatever it is, all I know it is the most important thing for me, for now. I love Elfelin a lot, and I love Yul. If someone tries to challenge this fact, then really, they should be thrown out of my life.

The Wait


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