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Incoming Kvyeire Despedia (Dollfie Dream Kos-Mos)

I wouldn’t say Kos-Mos arrived at my house but rather… I went all the way to the seller’s house (a friend) to get her.

Either way, the box opening session is short (DD don’t really come with bubble wraps haha) so don’t mind the limited photos I’m sharing.

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First DD – Aria Inferiare Ciel

Although this may not be a new for those who’ve got harassed by me in RaidCall yesterday night, I’ll still put a notice here for the sake of satisfying my excitement. ^_^~

As hinted in the post title, I’ve won a modded DDH-07 head in Y!J! I was very relieved since it was a close call. The auction was originally scheduled to end on 30 Dec 2012 23:00 GMT+7 but it was dragged on for an extra hour thanks to someone kept trying to snipe the head off from me (In Y!J, the auction ending time will be pushed back 10 minutes for every sniping attempt). At the end of the day, the head price was doubled within an hour.. (I’m still cursing that dude, whoever he/she is).

Either way, here is the feeler picture of her (Picture taken by the seller and edited by me):

Her full name will be Aria Inferiare Ciel~ Hopefully it won’t take me too long to complete her other parts. And yes, it will be my first Dollfie Dream~

Until then, let’s hope I’m not too lazy on updating here.