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The Confession of If

It was definitely amusing on how unexpected circumstances are able to change your entire life experience at times, and for that, as how rare it may seemed, I decided to continue my tradition on typing a personal blog post whenever I made another big step in my life.

For this time round, I will look into the story of IF, a rough scenario on the outcome of my current life if I was to take another route previously, be it big or small. As usual, do expect this post to be a tad bit long and obviously, you may take your leave at any moment if you wanted to. Else, be my guest and read on.
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Arrival of Hera’s Dream Doll <3

Didn’t meant to make Burogu personal but it is a random haven so I suppose it is not against to rules for me to post whichever I want at times. *Hides under the blanket*

Backing to the current topic, it’s once again a box opening post! As usual, if you dislike BJD / dolls, please refrain from clicking to read more. Else, feel free to share my joy of receiving my dream doll – Dream of Doll’s DoT Code No.02 ^-^~

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New Eyes for Lusyne and Nesyne

I got the eyes last week for Lusyne and Nesyne (at last!) so it is not the latest news. Still, I love it so much that it would be a crime if I didn’t mention it here.

*Head shot*

Anyway, I won’t type much here, let the pictures do the talking!

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